<h3>Welcome to the newest collection by Savy Sews Co: </h3><h1><b>Sustainably Savy!

This collection was born out of a desire to create sustainable, intentional, and eco-conscious products that incorporate a signature unique style.

This project merges a lifelong passion for creating and sewing with a deep desire to make sustainable, upcycled, and ethical products that are good not just for the consumer, but the planet as well.

The aim is to negate some of the horrific byproducts of the fast fashion industry like pollution, exploitation, and child labor. We focus on sustainably sourced, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made with care for the planet as well as for the consumer. All our products are reimagined &amp; recycled. While each piece is a brand-new creation, they are all reworked and upcycled from a variety of sources including thrift stores and secondhand shops.

This collection is truly a labor of love.

Love for sewing and creating. Love for sustainability and ethically made fashion. Love for the planet we all call home.

Thank you for supporting my growth while also supporting sustainable fashion and recycled retail therapy.

<a href="">View the current selections available here!</a>

</p><p></p><br>With Love,

<br><i>Savy Sews Co.</i><p></p>