Welcome to Savy Sews Co.!

My name is Savanah, some friends call me Savy, so that is where the name Savy Sews came from. I’m from south Texas, but currently live in central Texas. I started sewing as a kid with my grandma- she’s taught me everything I know about a sewing machine. My older sister let me borrow her sewing machine when she moved across the country, so I began to play around and sew different things. I am a huge cat fanatic, I have 5 cats now and I began sewing these kicker toys for them because I loved how energetic the catnip made them and their instinctual ability to kick the toys like a bunny rabbit. I had some friends ask me to make some for their cats and began my search for the best quality material that can withstand the sharpest claws. My business began to grow quickly so I decided to expand my products for dogs too! I added a squeakers in the toys and my puppy customers became obsessed. I fell in love with making these toys because of the videos and pictures people would send me of their pets going wild with their toys and it brings me so much joy! They make a perfect gift for any pet lover. I am so thankful for all my returning customers & new ones. I hope to bring out the playfulness for all pets 🐱🐶

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