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Has your cat been hassling you for one of our spectacular kitty kickers?? Here’s your chance to satisfy your cat with one order!

one order = one random pattern kitty kicker will be sent to your kitty kingdom for $10. Kitty kickers are handmade with love and filled to the brim with  ~ 1 oz of dry catnip & cotton inside of the kitty kicker a few spritz’s of our catnip mist on the inside and outside of each toy. 

What the expect when you receive your kitty kicker?
The kitty kicker will set off a chain of reactions as soon as the package arrives. The cat will lick, sniff, bite the package in order to get to the goods. PLEASE do NOT let your cat ingest the package. Once they are face to face with the toy, the pheromone of the catnip herb, Nepeta cataria, will trigger mental euphoric reactions for your kitty. Cat responses vary per cat, but most cats will exhibit hyper, crackhead-like behavior. The kicker toy is used so the cat can grab onto the toy like a stick and bunny kick it until they run out of energy. Catnip wears off overtime typically, but I’ve had several customers tell me their cats are still kicking at the same toy years later. We also have catnip spray available for purchase on our website.